Get immediate priority on your GPU repair. No queues or unnecessary phone calls.

If the GPU(s) is Dead on Arrival (DOA) the free Diagnostic won’t apply, and you will be charged $180.00 per unit once you approve it, so our technicians will start working on it. This fee will apply to the final cost of the repair.

Photos and videos of the repair process so you have peace of mind.

GPU Repair by a Micro-Electronic Engineer that repairs instead of replacing graphic cards. Includes Quality Assurance where we have a Senior Technician that stress test all repairs before sending it back to our customers. 

GPU maintenance includes thermal paste and thermal pads replacements.

Our policy is simple and straightforward. Our Repair is backed by our 90-Day Guarantee on Hardware. If anything goes wrong with your GPU, we’ll fix it to make it right.

Your GPU is delivered in a beautiful reusable green bag that you can take everywhere to stop the use of plastic bags.


Why do We Recommend Diagnostics?

This is one of the most important steps in our repair process. The diagnostic allows us to detect the right issue(s) with your GPU, so you can have peace of mind that there is no other problem affecting the unit. It is very much alike when you go to a doctor to consult about your symptoms because you are not feeling well. You might tell the doctor what you think is the cause of your illness based on your experience, but he/she still needs to perform a proper diagnostic before giving an effective treatment. It will show you a clear picture about the health of your device and guarantee that the service that you are getting is really the one that you need.

The diagnostic is executed by expert engineers and the average time they take is between 2 to 4 hours and in complex cases, up to 24 hours. All hardware components are tested to check on the health of your unit.

What is the Cost?

Starting fee is $80 USD. Dead GPU’s: 150 USD per unit. And we offer FREE diagnostic up to 5 GPU’s. Repair quote will be provided after it.

But what is the average repair price? I need an estimate.

Well, we can give you an estimated price, which is 200-500$, but that’s a very large estimate. That’s why we diagnose the units and then give you a quote for repair for you to approve or deny before we do any of the work. It is to be honest with our customers.

It depends on the complexity of the repair, the amount of chips we need to replace, and the hours that GPU is being worked on

Our pricing is labor + parts, if we cannot fix it of course we will give it back to you.

I would like to get my GPU repaired, what do I need to do?

Please ask our customer support team to provide a ticket number, so from that point we would communicate via email, text messages or the method you prefer.

To open a ticket, we will need the following information.
First & Last Name
Contact Phone Number
City, State, & Zip Code

Which references of GPU's do you repair?

9 series
10 series
(lvl1) – TITAN XP – TITAN X -1080 TI- 1080- 1070 Ti – 1070 – 1060 6GB
16 series
(lvl1) – 1660Ti – 1660S- 1660
20 series
(lvl2) – TITAN RTX -2080Ti- 2080S -2080 – 2070S- 2070- 2060S -2060
30 series
(lvl3) – 3090 – 3080 Ti- 3080- 3070Ti -3070- 3060Ti – 3060


RX 500(lvl1) 590 -580
RX VEGA (lvl1) -VEGA 64- VEGA 56
VII (LVL2) Radeon VII
RX 5000 (lvl2) – 5700XT- 5700 – 5600XT -5600 – 5550XT – 5500
RX 6000 (lvl3) – 6900XT – 6800XT -6800- 6700XT

Where do I send them?

Our Computer Repair Lab is located at Prime Tech Support 130 NW 36th Street Miami, FL 33127

When you ship your GPUs, try to place them in anti-static bags, and please write either on the box or on a separate piece of paper your ticket number and place it inside the box.

I would like to get my GPU repaired, what do I need to do?

Please ask our customer support team to provide a ticket number, so from that point we would communicate via email, text messages or the method you prefer.

To open a ticket, we will need the following information.
First & Last Name
Contact Phone Number
City, State, & Zip Code

MY GPU is working fine but one of the fans is broke.

We can replace the fan on the card; however, we will only check to see the fan is spinning. If the card arrives and it does not turn on or work, we will deny the work and you must pay for the shipping back. If you ship your cards only for fan replacement, we make sure the fans work, we do not check the card or diagnose it.

Check some reviews about our service

Literally the only place in America that repairs GPUs! Not only that, they allowed me to ship it and fixed it within a day or two. They saved me over $900 from having to buy new. When I couldn’t figure out how to install drivers. They set up an online appointment and did it for me! Incredible service!

Not only that, they sent me photos of the exact components that they repair and replaced, so there is absolutely no question of their value. I am looking forward to shopping them any computer repairs I may have.

Jason G.


This place is the real deal. They take pictures and videos of what they found and what they do. Pro level equipment and staff. Got my 1080 ti humming like new.

Robert Bednarski


I will be recommending this company to my friends. Communication has been quick, accurate, and professional at all times. The customer service is impeccable and I can’t say enough good things!

I’ve received pictures and videos of repairs being done for my GPUs for confirmation that my devices are fixed.

The cost of repairs are quite affordable in comparison to replacing the hardware and for me prevented 9 GPUs from going into the trash.

Selby LeBert



Please Google us as Prime Tech Support. Our 2021 rates are 4.5 on Yelp, 4.7 on Google my Business, and 5 on Facebook

Don’t leave the fix of your precious GPU to amateurs!

At Prime Tech we want to exceed your expectations. No queues or unnecessary phone calls. Contact us NOW.

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Free Mac Diagnostic Request

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GPU Diagnostic Request

GPU Diagnostic Request

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