IMAC Repairs in Miami

If you need an iMac Repair Service, Prime Tech Support should be your first option. We take pride in having a professional, reliable, and fast service so you can have peace of mind. You will receive constant updates on your email with pictures to know how your iMac Repair process is going. We designed a systematic and proactive approach to go the extra mile and achieve only high-quality standards.

As we all know, this Apple desktop comes with the latest generation processors, graphics, storage, and bandwidth connectivity packed in a beautiful design. But, as with any device, the iMac might present issues with its performance. Sometimes there is no video, or you have a corrupted screen. Other times, it doesn’t power on at all. Or maybe, the cooling system is not working, as a result, overheats the unit. For these and other issues with your iMac, we count on trained engineers who can help you with your iMac Repairs without breaking your bank account.

Furthermore, this is also backed by our 90-Day Warranty on all hardware repairs and 30-Day Warranty for software repairs. 

iMac Logic Board Repair in our Miami Lab

Logic Board Repairs    - GPU or Video Repairs   - Powering On Issues

Not Booting / Question Mark   - Slow Performance  - Screen Replacements

WiFi Replacements   - Power Supply Replacements  - HDD, SSD Data Recovery

Same Day iMac Repairs in our Miami, FL Location


NOTE: If you are not sure what iMac Repair service to book, You can stop by our store or request a DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE for your iMac, and our team of computer experts can provide a full diagnostic and let you know if the issue is software or hardware. After that, you will receive a quote with the cost of the repair.

We have iMac Computer Repair Experts in-house that can help you with any hardware or software issue.

iMac diagnostic

iMac Diagnostic

No Booting iMac, No power On, we do an iMac Diagnostic to determine what is the cause of the issue and provide a detailed quote. The diagnostic fee applies to the final bill.

iMac Virus Removal

iMac Virus Removal

Yes, your iMac can be infected. Are you getting pop-up screens? You feel that your computer is acting up, we will do an iMac Virus Removal to fix your OS.

iMac Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement

iMac Screen Replacement for your broken screen. Vertical lines or black screen?  We will quote the screen assembly accordingly. Schedule and Appointment

iMac Hard Drive Replacement

Hard Drive Replacement

Are you experiencing the spinning beachball of death? Or, your iMac is too slow? It is time to do an iMac Hard Drive Replacement. HDD or SSD price is not included.

iMac Power Supply Replacement

Power Supply Replacement

Is your iMac not powering on? Then your power supply could be the problem. We will check the unit and check the power supply if neccesary.

iMac Logic Board Repair

Logic Board Repair

Diagnostic for your logic board power, GPU, video, backlight, no powering on, sound, or short issues. The diagnostic fee applies to the final bill.

iMac Logic Board Replacement

Logic Board Replacement

When we are not able to repair your logic board due to extreme damage or not parts available. The logic board price is quoted accordingly.

iMac Video GPU Repair

Video / GPU Repair

Is your iMac having video issues? Do you see lines on your screen or no image at all? We may need to repair the video card.

iMac Software Tune-Up or Configuration

iMac Software Tune-Up

Do you need to transfer your data from your old computer to your new iMac or iMac Pro? We can help you with your Data Transfer. Schedule an Appointment.

iMac Repairs

iMac Hardware Upgrades

Do you need to increase the performance of your iMac? We can upgrade the memory, hard drive, cpu or processor. Schedule an Appointment.

iMac Hardware Tune up

iMac Hardware Tune-Up

Avoid Overheating by requesting our Dust Removal Service on your logic board and fan areas. Add a Thermal Paste Replacement for a complete service.

iMac Data Recovery

iMac Data Recovery

We recover data from your hard drive. Every case needs a diagnostic to determine the type of recovery on your iMac Computer. Schedule an Appointment.

iMac Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Do you need to transfer your data from your old computer to your new iMac or iMac Pro? We can help you with your Data Transfer. 

iMac Password Removal

Password Removal

Accidents happen, and we forget passwords. No problem, we can help you to reset the password of your iMac or iMac Pro.

iMac OS Installation

OS Installation

Do you need to install a new or old OS to your iMac? Then we can help your with your iMac or iMac Pro OS installation.


Our Prime Tech Support Technicians can repair any issues on your MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. We also fix issues with your iPhone, iPads, Wireless Network, Security, Home Automation, and more. Let us HELP YOU with your Computer needs or Technology requests.

Prime Tech Support has experience fixing all types of Mac issues such as liquid damage, power-on issues, booting problems, OS installations, battery replacements, logic board with short circuits, micro soldering, trackpad repairs, keyboard replacements, screen replacements, video or GPU repairs, or replacements, memory upgrades, hard drive installations, and upgrades, touch bar not responding, and all kind of issues you may have with your mac computer.

We use 6R's in our Computer Repair Store:

Repair, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse, Rethink
  • REPAIR:  Our commitment to our community is to repair all possible electronic devices, so we can give them a longer life and use them for as long we need them.
  • REUSE:  We reuse components from other devices, and this allows our team to expand the life of products. We also reuse plastics, paperboard, and wrapping paper that we receive when customers or vendors send us products or equipment.
  • REDUCE:  By repairing, our team is helping to reduce electronic waste.
  • RECYCLE:  The devices that we are not able to repair are either used to fix other devices or delivered to the City of Miami so they can recycle them.
  • REFUSE:  In our office, we refuse the use of plastics, incandescent and CFL bulbs, and other products that generate more waste.
  • RETHINK:  We always ask ourselves what we can do differently in the future to save an electronic device. Our goal is to provide repairs to our community to help reduce electronic waste.


I am so glad I trusted Prime Tech Support for the repair of my lovely laptop computer. I used and abused my laptop computer not only to store information, invoices and spreadsheets of my back then business, but to store tons of music that I listened in my long truck trips. My computer started to get hot and overheating. I thought that the cooling fan was broken, but little did I know that the cause of the overheating was all the dirt, lints and dust collected inside the laptop. Other dishonest shop wanted to replace the fan unnecessarily , but Prime Tech Support cleaned the inside, removed and add new thermal paste to the CPU and since then, my laptop has never ever overheated again !!!! Now I know that even if any device is working ok, you MUST clean the inside periodically. Thank you Prime Techs!!! You are the best !!

Leon Deleon

Miami, FL

I'm a music producer and I have a lot of sessions to do and my Macbook just stopped working on me. I did some research and provided a great ball park pricing on all the possible issues but not guaranteeing anything until diagnosing. They quickly did the inspected and service in about 2-3 days easy. Way better than alot of other 3rd party people I have been to and I have been to pleanty. These some real people.

Hann Wilson

Miami, FL

They were so informative and sweet! I love how they sent pictures of the computer before, during, and after the hardware fix. They are very quick with communication and overall are great people to do business with! Thank you so much! Hopefully I don't have anymore technology problems but, if I do I am definitely returning here!

Maddy Good

Miami, FL

Free Mac Diagnostic Request

Free Mac Diagnostic Request

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GPU Diagnostic Request

GPU Diagnostic Request

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