MacBook Air Cleaning

Air Cleaning for your MacBook.

Is your MacBook overheating? or the fans are spinning a lot or are noisy? It is time to clean your MacBook to help cool down the unit. Schedule an Appointment.


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Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to MacBook Repairs

Bring your MacBook to our Mac Repair Shop so one of our technicians can diagnose it and let you know if the air cleaning will fix the fan noise or the overheating. 


1 - Diagnostic

Depending on the issue of the Mac device, we use the best available tools and software to give you an accurate diagnostic. If there is a hiccup in the process, or you are not satisfied with the diagnostic, our warranty is there to protect you.



As soon as our technicians provide the Mac Diagnostic, our billing department sends a quote for approval via email. After you approve the repair, our team will start immediately to fix your Mac device, otherwise, we will close the unit so you can pick it up.

3 - Repair

As soon as our technicians provide the Mac Diagnostic, our billing department sends a quote for approval via email. After you approve the repair, our team will start immediately to fix your Mac device, otherwise, we will close the unit so you can pick it up.


Customer pickup and test the Mac device in our store, and let us know if everything is ok, or we can deliver or send the unit by mail. We offer a 90-Day Warranty on all our hardware repairs and a 30-Day Warranty for software repairs. Our team provides a high level of support, and we are here to help you.

Same Day MacBook Repairs in our Miami, FL Location


These are some of the Mac repairs we have done for our customers, our team of Mac computer experts is here to help you with any Mac repair you may need.

If you are not sure what type of MacBook service you need, we always recommend to book an appointment or to request a diagnostic service. You can always contact us by phone or sending an email to our support team.


Flexible appointments and rush services available

Or call — 786-600-6999

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Great experience!
Half the price of Apple to fix Mac.
Nice people
Very responsive.
Keep you informed
Explain everything
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Peter Epstein

Miami, FL

Asombroso! Qué gran gente con la que trabajar, les enviaron mi MacBook el viernes y les expliqué que lo necesitaba para trabajar. Eso sí se podía hacer algo para que yo tuviera la PC lista el sábado, por motivos de trabajo. ¡Y uno de los empleados se quedó después de cerrar la tienda para ejecutar las actualizaciones y esperar a que apareciera! Estoy tan feliz de volver a ellos para recibir todo mi soporte técnico. ¡¡¡¡Muy recomendable!!!!


Miami, FL

¡Muy impresionado con el proceso de consulta y los resultados!

Prime Tech instaló un disco duro SSD en mi iMac 2011 por la misma cantidad que Apple cobra para actualizarlo durante la compra de un nuevo iMac. Y se requiere mucho más trabajo para actualizarlo en una unidad más antigua.

¡Funciona como nuevo! Sacaré algunos años más de este 2011 y ahorré alrededor de $ 2,500.

Robert R.

Longwood, FL



We do a diagnostic because we want to make sure what is the cause of the issue, so we can fix it. Sometimes it is just what you said, but other times is not, and in order to provide a mac warranty we need to make sure we are solving the problem.


No, we do not. We ask for the password because we need to test the unit after it is fixed. If you do not want to leave the password, we can use our testing hard drive and in those cases, we can not guarantee the unit will work with your operating system.


If you book the appointment online, the diagnostic is free of charge. Once you book the appointment our customer service team will get in contact with you to confirm the information. If your unit is not turning on we charge a fee of $80.00 and up depending on the type of mac, you bring to the store. If you come to the store without an appointment there is a diagnostic fee associated with the service. We will apply the diagnostic fee to the final bill.

Do you offer home services ?

Yes, we do. We have mac computer technician experts that will work with you in your house or office. Sometimes we need to bring your mac computers to our Lab because we have all the tools here to troubleshooting hardware issues. If you need an appointment you can contact us or book an appointment online so we can send a technician to your house.

Why do you ask for my email?

We request the email, so we can set up your account in our system which will be sending you notifications when we work with your mac devices. We do not sell your contact information. You can read more about our Privacy Policy to have more information.

Do you offer 24/7 Monitoring Services for residential customers?

Yes, we do. We are a Manage Service Provider Company and we have software that we use to monitor your network, computers, security cameras, IoT devices, etc in your house or office. In order to provide you with a quote, you can contact us or book an appointment online so we can send a technician to your house.

We use 6R’s in our Computer Repair Store:

Repair, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse, Rethink
  • REPAIR: Our commitment to our community is to repair all possible electronic devices, so we can give them a longer life and use them for as long we need them.
  • REUSE: We reuse components from other devices, and this allows our team to expand the life of products. We also reuse plastics, paperboard, and wrapping paper that we receive when customers or vendors send us products or equipment.
  • REDUCE: By repairing, our team is helping to reduce electronic waste.
  • RECYCLE: The devices that we are not able to repair are either used to fix other devices or delivered to the City of Miami so they can recycle them.
  • REFUSE: In our office, we refuse the use of plastics, incandescent and CFL bulbs, and other products that generate more waste.
  • RETHINK: We always ask ourselves what we can do differently in the future to save an electronic device. Our goal is to provide repairs to our community to help reduce electronic waste.
Free Mac Diagnostic Request

Free Mac Diagnostic Request

To get your FREE diagnostic, please, fill out the form. We’ll send you a PROMOTION CODE and, after confirming your information, create a ticket for you. If you don’t see our e-mail, review your SPAM/PROMOTION folder or call to 786-600-6999. Thank u!

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GPU Diagnostic Request

GPU Diagnostic Request

To get your FREE GPU diagnostic code, please, fill out the form and we will send you the instructions. If you don’t see our e-mail, check your SPAM/JUNK/PROMOTIONS folder or call to 786-600-6999. Thank u! 

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