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We fix a wide variety of electronic devices, iPads, Tablets, and all other Gadgets. When you have an electronic device that is giving you problems, let us take a look.
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NOTE: We love doing repairs to prolong the life of devices. We believe if we repair what we have, there will be less electronic junk on our planet. So let us help you with your next repair, and become environment-friendly.

iPad Repair

iPad Repair

We have technicians in our store that can help you with your iPad repairs.

Tablet Repair

Tablet Repairs

We have technicians in our store that can help you with your tablet repairs.

Gadget Repair

Gadget Repairs

We love doing repairs to prolong the life of all devices.


Our Prime Tech Support Technicians can repair any issues on your Laptops, Desktop Computers, All in One Computers, Gaming Computers and Other Computers. We also fix issues with your iPhone, iPads, Wireless Network, Security, Home Automation, and more.  Let us HELP YOU with your Computer needs or Technology requests.

We use 6R's in our Computer Repair Store:

Repair, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse, Rethink
  • REPAIR:  Our commitment to our community is to repair all possible electronic devices, so we can give them a longer life and use them for as long we need them.
  • REUSE:  We reuse components from other devices, and this allows our team to expand the life of products. We also reuse plastics, paperboard, and wrapping paper that we receive when customers or vendors send us products or equipment.
  • REDUCE:  By repairing, our team is helping to reduce electronic waste.
  • RECYCLE:  The devices that we are not able to repair are either used to fix other devices or delivered to the City of Miami so they can recycle them.
  • REFUSE:  In our office, we refuse the use of plastics, incandescent and CFL bulbs, and other products that generate more waste.
  • RETHINK:  We always ask ourselves what we can do differently in the future to save an electronic device. Our goal is to provide repairs to our community to help reduce electronic waste.

GADGET Diagnostics

The diagnostic help us to determine why your Gadget Device is not working. After that, we can provide the quote for the repair. 


Screen Repairs

Replacement of your broken or shattered screen. Glass Replacement available for some cameras, goPro, and electronic devices.


Battery Replacement

Battery dies quickly, battery not charging or not keeping the charge. We replace batteries of different electronic devices.


Powering On Issues

If your device is not turning on or the dc jack is loose or broken, then you need a service to fix that component on your gadget.


Logic Board Repair

Water Damage, Coffe spills, Orange Juice, Wine, Beer, Vodka, Soda or any other type or liquid. Also, powering on issues, no sound, USB port not working or dc jack not working.


HDMI Ports not working

Sometimes our HDMI or USB are not woking on our gadgets, do not change it , repair it. We can take a look and fix the issue for you.


Bluetooth Connection

Sometimes our bluetooth connection does not work in our Beat headphones or Bose or any other brand, our team can Fix it for you.



Our team can work on any electronic device, microsoldering is used for all the work we performe in any electronic device. Our Team can Fix it.


I am so glad I trusted Prime Tech Support for the repair of my lovely laptop computer. I used and abused my laptop computer not only to store information, invoices and spreadsheets of my back then business, but to store tons of music that I listened in my long truck trips. My computer started to get hot and overheating. I thought that the cooling fan was broken, but little did I know that the cause of the overheating was all the dirt, lints and dust collected inside the laptop. Other dishonest shop wanted to replace the fan unnecessarily , but Prime Tech Support cleaned the inside, removed and add new thermal paste to the CPU and since then, my laptop has never ever overheated again !!!! Now I know that even if any device is working ok, you MUST clean the inside periodically. Thank you Prime Techs!!! You are the best !!

Leon Deleon

Miami, FL

I'm a music producer and I have a lot of sessions to do and my Macbook just stopped working on me. I did some research and provided a great ball park pricing on all the possible issues but not guaranteeing anything until diagnosing. They quickly did the inspected and service in about 2-3 days easy. Way better than alot of other 3rd party people I have been to and I have been to pleanty. These some real people.

Hann Wilson

Miami, FL

They were so informative and sweet! I love how they sent pictures of the computer before, during, and after the hardware fix. They are very quick with communication and overall are great people to do business with! Thank you so much! Hopefully I don't have anymore technology problems but, if I do I am definitely returning here!

Maddy Good

Miami, FL

Free Mac Diagnostic Request

Free Mac Diagnostic Request

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GPU Diagnostic Request

GPU Diagnostic Request

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