iPad Glass Replacement and LCD Replacement

iPad Glass Replacement

Did you drop your iPad and the glass cracked? Accidents happen to everybody. Did you know the most common iPad repair is because of a cracked iPad screen? So, don’t sweat it.

We have a team of highly trained technicians that can replace your iPad Glass to have it up and running in no time.

If you do not know what is wrong with your iPad or not sure what service to buy, You can stop by our store or send us your device once you order the iPad Diagnostic Service and we will let you know what needs to be done to fix it.

For more information before buying the service, please CONTACT US and one of our representatives will assist you with any further question you may have.

WARRANTY: We offer 90 days warranty in all our hardware repairs and 30 days in our software repairs. Rest assured we only work with high-quality parts for all our replacements. Our reviews on GOOGLE and YELP say it all.

NOTE: Except for our Computer Air Cleaning service, all service orders are subject to a minimum diagnostic fee.


Why do We Recommend Diagnostics?

This is one of the most important steps in our repair process. The diagnostic allows us to detect the right issue(s) with your computer or smartphone, so you can have peace of mind that there is no other problem affecting the unit. It is very much alike when you go to a doctor to consult about your symptoms because you are not feeling well. You might tell the doctor what you think is the cause of your illness based on your experience, but he/she still needs to perform a proper diagnostic before giving an effective treatment. It will show you a clear picture about the health of your device and guarantee that the service that you are getting is really the one that you need.

The diagnostic is executed by expert engineers and the average time they take is between 2 to 4 hours and in complex cases, up to 24 hours. All hardware and software components are tested to check on the health of your unit.

The diagnostic service has a fee that is only charged if no other work is performed, in other words, if you decide to repair your phone or computer with us the diagnostic fee will be waived towards the final bill.


Once the device is in our store, it usually takes less than 24 hours to repair it. If the repair is prepaid and mailed to us: We will fix your device and test it before delivering to you using your preferred method of shipping, if your device needs additional repairs, we will contact you for approval before we proceed. If you are not sure what it seems to be the problem with your unit, we recommend ordering a Diagnostic where our techs will run tests, find the source of the problem and give you an accurate quote.

After approval, we will repair your device and ship it back to you in a timely manner. If the repair is prepaid and you make an appointment: If you are in town and would like to wait for your device while it is being repaired this is the preferred method. Customers with an appointment have the priority in our customer's list.  The average repair time is between 20 min to an hour depending on your phone condition. If the phone has bend corners due to the fall, we will take longer to repair it. If your device needs extra repairs, we will let you know on the spot. Remember to make an appointment to avoid waiting longer for your phone.


Shipping options are offered during checkout.  All shipping costs are covered by the customer.  The following are the shipping options that you can select in Miami Dade and Broward County:

  • Customer drops off or picks up device–(Free)
  • Prime Tech Support picks up your device
  • Prime Tech Support picks up and drops off your device
  • Prime Tech Support drops off your device


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Terms and Conditions


  • Except for our Computer Air Cleaning service, all service orders are subject to a minimum diagnostic fee according our type of device rates; this amount will be applied to the final bill if quote is approved. Diagnostic fee is not refundable.
  • Customer has up to 3 days to respond to our estimate; if not, device will be set for pick up. Re-entry will require a new diagnostic fee.
  • Customer has up to 7 days to pickup the equipment, otherwise it will be subject to a $5/daily storage fee. After 30 days, device will be considered abandoned, and it will be discarded at Prime Tech Support’s discretion without notifying the customer.

DATA Prime Tech Support will take every precaution to preserve all data and software on the computer; however, it does not guarantee the security or safety of the data. Customer acknowledges that occasionally erasure or loss of data or software may occur.

  • Customer IS fully responsible for backing up all existing data including but not limited to documents, bookmarks, emails, contacts, music and pictures.
  • Customer will hold harmless Prime Tech Support for any data or software that may be lost or erased.
  • Prime Tech Support is NOT responsible for the condition of the data transferred or recovered before or after diagnostic or repair.
  • Prime Tech Support is NOT responsible for virus infections of the unit or any security threat to the unit, including threats due to weak passwords, after a repair.


  • Customer certifies that he/she is the owner or has permission to bring in the device for repair.
  • Prime Tech Support is NOT responsible for the health of equipment left for over 7 days from the time the unit is ready for pick up.
  • Prime Tech Support is NOT responsible for the state of the data or any other component if unit does not turn on when it is checked in.
  • Prime Tech Support will retain any equipment brought in for service until full payment is received.


  • Warranty starts when unit is ready for pick up.
  • Services are warrantied for 90 days for hardware repairs and 30 days for software repairs.
  • Prime Tech Support cannot control what or how the virus affected the computer before or after the removal.
  • Recurrence of viruses, malware, spyware or adware will be treated as a new repair at additional cost.
  • Hardware and software installations or upgrades performed knowingly or otherwise by the user or a third party, adjustment of settings and hardware tampering, will immediately void the warranty.


I am so glad I trusted Prime Tech Support for the repair of my lovely laptop computer. I used and abused my laptop computer not only to store information, invoices and spreadsheets of my back then business, but to store tons of music that I listened in my long truck trips. My computer started to get hot and overheating. I thought that the cooling fan was broken, but little did I know that the cause of the overheating was all the dirt, lints and dust collected inside the laptop. Other dishonest shop wanted to replace the fan unnecessarily , but Prime Tech Support cleaned the inside, removed and add new thermal paste to the CPU and since then, my laptop has never ever overheated again !!!! Now I know that even if any device is working ok, you MUST clean the inside periodically. Thank you Prime Techs!!! You are the best !!

Leon Deleon

Miami, FL

I'm a music producer and I have a lot of sessions to do and my Macbook just stopped working on me. I did some research and provided a great ball park pricing on all the possible issues but not guaranteeing anything until diagnosing. They quickly did the inspected and service in about 2-3 days easy. Way better than alot of other 3rd party people I have been to and I have been to pleanty. These some real people.

Black Far Eye

Miami, FL

They were so informative and sweet! I love how they sent pictures of the computer before, during, and after the hardware fix. They are very quick with communication and overall are great people to do business with! Thank you so much! Hopefully I don't have anymore technology problems but, if I do I am definitely returning here!

Maddy Good

Miami, FL