When the Home button of your iPhone becomes unresponsive, there are different reasons causing this kind of annoying problem:

1 – One of the most common conditions that cause a blockage on an iPhone Home button is simple dust. These small particles accumulate in the connection port at the bottom of the phone, interfering directly with the communication of this part of the device. This problem is typical and you can try to clean the dust blowing into the port or introducing a toothbrush to remove any particle. If it doesn’t work please bring it to Tech Support and we would open it, to perform a specialized clean.

2 – Sometimes home button blockages are because of software conditions. Then you should try first the reset option, turning off your phone. If it doesn’t work you can restore your iPhone from your iTunes account, but please make sure that you have a complete backup of your phone because this action may involve the deleting of all the information of your iPhone, like contacts or photos; you won’t want to find “special surprises” at the end of this process.

3 – If your device condition has to do with a certain unfortunate event, “unintentional” and for any reason, your iPhone got some water…kind of sad but happens, well you just need to leave it in a warm place and wait. Try to be patient.

Hope at least one of these three conditions has to do with your home bottom issue, if not you are always welcome at our Location, we will be more than happy to help you!