A reliable Wi-Fi Network to pursue the smart home of your dreams

by Claudia Alvarez

Person holding a laptop with poor internet connection in Miami Dade County. Our Prime Technician will go to her location to quickly fix her network issues and get her back online to continue working.When thinking about designing the Smart Home of your dreams, it’s easy to get confused by the thousands of products available on the market. Let’s figure you want to automate the door entrance of your house. It might include a high-quality security camera solution from Nest integrated with a smart lock from Yale, both controlled by Google Assistant from your phone. This is a well-suited solution for worried souls as mine who are always wondering: Did I forget to lock the door?

However, before figuring out if you have enough budget to deploy a Super Smart Home, the first step must be a Home Assessment, where a technician performs a scan of your network to make sure you count with a Wi-Fi Network capable of supporting the multiple devices you expect to connect in every single space at your property. This is where Prime Tech Support can be your right hand. Our technicians have been doing network assessments and support for several years at homes and businesses.

A common complaint we get from our customers is the low Wi-Fi signal in certain areas. This issue can be originated by limited Wi-Fi solutions, the concrete on your walls, corners that block the signal, or even the extension of your place. After an assessment, most customers acquire additional routers or extenders to strength the Internet signal provided by the ISP without any luck. The deployment of a Network, even at home requires a level of planning, buying hardware to strength the Wi-Fi signal it’s like patching fires because all these devices are connected without any planning or engineering, then the performance of the network is poor.

It’s important to emphasize this point, the performance of the components connected, relies on the capability of the network. After identifying and mapping the physical network, a Wi-Fi test its applied to monitor the signal strength of the current network, this allows us to evaluate if the current solution can be integrated to the future network or if the hardware is obsolete and we need to create a new network from scratch, always defining solutions according to the customer budget and expectations.

The market has multiple software to perform these Wi-Fi signal tests, at Prime Tech Support we used Unify Enterprise, which lets us track who’s on your network, who’s off, and how your devices are consuming the bandwidth.

Our main goal when it comes to a wired and wireless network is to create a “healthy” environment to keep all the components up and running at once, avoiding package lost that creates the ups and downs of the devices connected to a net. Remember, a reliable Wi-Fi network is the key and the starting point for the optimal deployment of the smart home of your dreams.

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