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Memory RAM and the impact while you are gaming are crucial. At PRIME tech support we help you with your hardware upgrades for gaming and custom build PCs
Gaming laptops and PCs at Prime Tech Support, Miami's top tech hub for gamers and professionals.
Assortment of high-end PC components on display at Prime Tech Support in Miami, FL, including ASUS and Intel products
Intel Core processor featuring i9 model, available at Prime Tech Support, Miami.
Detailed wafer map of Intel's Meteor Lake CPU architecture, explored by Prime Tech Support in Miami.
ASUS ROG crosshair motherboard with RGB lighting, showcased by Prime Tech Support, Miami
Technician at Prime Tech Support in Miami expertly installs a RAM stick into a computer
Prime Tech Support analyzing AMD vs Intel chips on a motherboard in Miami.
Silhouette of a soldier in a dust storm, symbolizing valor and the harshness of battle, available at Prime Tech Support in Miami, FL for gaming graphics.


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