Limpieza y mantenimiento de MacBook Air

tech is cleaning the fans. MacBook Air Cleaning and Maintenance of computers involved he removal of components such WiFi cards, SSDs, and cleaning of all components.

Limpieza y mantenimiento de MacBook Air

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¿PROBLEMAS DE SOBRECALENTAMIENTO? - Se sabe que los MacBook Air se sobrecalientan, especialmente cuando se acumula polvo. Ofrecemos un servicio de limpieza que ayudará a enfriar su unidad y evitar daños a largo plazo.

- ¿LOS VENTILADORES GIRAN MUCHO O HACEN RUIDO? - Si sus ventiladores giran mucho o hacen mucho ruido, es probable que necesiten una limpieza. Podemos encargarnos de eso por usted y hacer que su MacBook Air vuelva a funcionar como nuevo.

- RESPETUOSO CON EL MEDIO AMBIENTE : solo utilizamos métodos y materiales respetuosos con el medio ambiente para limpiar su MacBook Air. Puede confiar en nosotros para cuidar su computadora de manera segura y responsable. Estamos comprometidos a reparar su dispositivo y mantenerlo fuera de los vertederos.
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Limpieza y mantenimiento de MacBook Air FAQs

The diagnostic is so that when we look at your unit. We can provide you a comprehensive summary of the primary and secondary issues or suggestions that may pop up during the diagnosis.

We have an estimated time from 1 to 4 hours deppending on the issue. Once we receive the unit it will go into our Diagnostic Queue and it will be diagnose in the order it was received. If you would like a RUSH service so we can diagnose the unit while you wait do not forget to select the option when checking out.

The cost of the repair is based on the unit, the parts (if needed) and the labor needed for the unit.

The repair time will depend on the complexity of the repair and the time it takes for the parts to arrive if we need to order replacement parts.

Software warranty is 30 days and Hardware warranty is 90 days from pick up/delivery.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent hardware and software issues, extend the lifespan of your MacBook air laptop, and improve performance.

It is recommended to clean and maintain your MacBook Air laptop at least once every 3-6 months, depending on usage and environmental factors.

The MacBook Air cleaning and maintenance service includes cleaning the keyboard, mouse, and screen, removing dust and debris from the internal components, updating software and drivers, and performing a system check. Hardware upgrades are also available at customers' request.

Signs that your MacBook Air laptop needs cleaning or maintenance may include slow performance, frequent crashes or freezes, unusual noises, or overheating.

Yes, you can perform some basic cleaning and maintenance tasks yourself, such as dusting the exterior and wiping the screen with a microfiber cloth. However, more complex maintenance tasks should be left to a professional technician.

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