Miami Computer Repairs


Our commitment to our community is not just repairing devices but also reusing components from other products, reducing waste by fixing or recycling the broken ones at hand; all of which helps contribute positively towards sustainability goals!

Here are our 6 Rs of Sustainability:

REPAIR: Our commitment to our community is to repair all possible electronic devices, so we can give them a longer life and use them for as long we need them.

REUSE: We reuse components from other devices, and this allows our team to expand the life of products. We also reuse plastics, paperboard, and wrapping paper that we receive when customers or vendors send us products or equipment.

REDUCE: By repairing, our team is helping to reduce electronic waste.

RECYCLE: The devices that we are not able to repair are either used to fix other devices or delivered to the City of Miami so they can recycle them.

REFUSE: In our office, we refuse the use of plastics, incandescent and CFL bulbs, and other products that generate more waste.

RETHINK: We always ask ourselves what we can do differently in the future to save an electronic device. Our goal is to provide repairs to our community to help reduce electronic waste.

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