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Security Cameras

Security Cameras

This is the cost of the first hour. Travel fee may applied.

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Security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your home, and there are many different types to choose from.

If you want to be able to monitor your home from your phone device, you can count on Prime Tech Support to do the installation. You can also get security cameras that allow you to see your kid when it arrives home or when the mail is around. There are also security cameras that will send you an alert if there is someone on your property who should not be there. Security cameras are a great way to keep your home safe, and they can give you peace of mind.

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Security Cameras


What am I paying for here?

You are paying for 1 hour of troubleshooting or consultation with a Network Engineer from our team. This visit cost will be applied to the final cost of the work we do in your location.

Our technician will diagnose the situtaion and offer you solutions based on your budget and requirements.

Can I do a remote consultation?

Yes, we can. We use either Zoom, Teams, Facetime or any software you feel comfortable with. These consultations are free of charge. Please click here to request a remote consultaion.

We highly recommend to do a home visit because we can detect the issue rght there and then.

I have a home office , Can you help with those situations?

Yes, we can. Our team of computer engineers, network engineers can help you solve any network issue. Most of the time the issues are due to unhealthy network and we are experts at fixing that.

What is my Warranty?

- We offer 90 days warranty in Hardware installations.

- We offer 30 days warranty in Software Configurations


At Prime Tech Support We Make IT Simple


    We follow 3 basic steps: Diagnostic, Quote and Repair. Once you approve the repair our team will continue.


    We are a combination of talent, academic preparation, love for our work and geek attitude.


    We keep you informed of everything that is being done on your equipment via e-mail, text and phone


    We guarantee our work. We offer 90 days warranty on all our hardware repairs and 30 days in our software repairs.

Image of a home in the Dade County in Miami with technological devices connected through internet. Our Prime Tech Support Technicians go to your home and set up the automatization for you.


We have been working with residential customer for 13 years now, and you can always count with our team to help you out with any technical support you may need for your home or home office.

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We are Control4 Certified technicians that can help you with any configuration.

Let our team help you with your configuration or home installation.