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Prime Tech Support in Miami, FL can help you with all your technology problems for your Business and Home . Including Mac, Gaming PCs, and Windows computers!

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Prime Tech Support Repair Process

Number one of prime tech support repair process where the customer book the desired repair service from our website, the prime team generates them a ticket to process their request, and subsequently diagnose and gives a quote to the customer.

Diagnostic & Quote

We accurately diagnose the issues in your device and provide a quote for the repair.

Number two of the prime tech support repair process the prime team proceeds to fix and repair every single issue found on the diagnosis so the customer can get back to using his device in no time.


We fix every single issue found in the diagnosis to get your device back in working order.

Number three of the prime tech support repair process, the prime team runs a quality assurance to make sure your computer is in prime working condition after the repair process. Once this has been done, the computer device is ready to be picked up.

QA & Pick up

With our Quality Assurance we make sure your computer repair is done right the first time!

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Thumbs up symbol representing our simple process of repair for different devices from laptop, mac computers, and gaming devices.


We follow 3 basic steps: Diagnostic & Quote, Repair, and QA; so you can get back to using your devices ASAP.

Light bulb symbol representing our team experience, skills, and knowledge apply to our process of repair for different devices from laptop, mac computers, and gaming devices.


The Prime Team combines talent, academic preparation, and a geek attitude to provide the best IT support.

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We keep you informed of everything that is being done on your equipment via e-mail, text or phone.

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Reviews From Our Customers


Very professional team. The Prime Tech team bought my laptop back to life… twice!

Stella V.
Miami, FL

I recommend this service with my eyes closed. Excellent customer service. Keep the customer constantly informed of the progress of the repair.

Alejandro D.
Miami, FL

Very professional - solved all my in-house Internet issues especially with my complicated cameras, fiber Wi-Fi configuration and television and music connections!

Clive P.
Miami, FL

I can't even begin to discribe how much daniel helped me with the issue i was having on my macbook air. I'm def going to come back in the future for what ever other issues i may have.

Esther T.
Miami, FL

This is the place for any of your gaming pc build needs. I ... needed them to transfer my components from my old case to my new case along with my new graphics card. Darian and Augustus ... finished the job the same day!

Jorge M.
Miami, FL