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This price is for the diagnostic only (non-refundable), and It will be applied to the final cost of the service.

Why do we do a Gaming Laptop Diagnostic?

In our type of business, we need to know what is causing the problem so we can fix it. We get so many Gaming Laptops in our store due to the following issues:

  1. Intermittent freezing, Sudden and repeated shutdowns
  2. Failure to boot up, Power On Issues
  3. Blank Screen, nothing appears on the screen
  4. Blue Screens and no booting issues
  5. Overheating and fan noise
  6. Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  7. Slow performance and freezing
  8. Unresponsive applications
  9. Audio, Video, and Power Supply issues
  10. External devices not connecting properly
  11. Flickering  Screen
  12. Hard Drive running out of space
  13. BIOS issues 
  14. CPU & GPU Issues
  15. Dead Gaming Laptops
  16. Liquid Damage Gaming Laptops (water, beer, juice, milk, vodka, etc)

The Gaming Laptop Diagnostic is essential in order to identify the cause of these problems and determine if they are related to hardware or software. By running a thorough diagnostic, it can help us pinpoint exactly where the issue lies and how to address it quickly and efficiently. This allows us to provide our customers with the best possible service by resolving their issues quickly and correctly.  We look forward to being of assistance. 


Upgrade or Repair Your Gaming Laptop with Our Expert Technicians

Comprehensive Services

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current gaming laptop or need repair services, we have the solution. Our certified technicians will ensure that all components are compatible and properly fit together, so you can start using your new computer as soon as possible.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of experienced professionals has years of knowledge in the industry and has the expertise to complete any upgrades or repairs without compromising on performance or quality. We'll make sure that all components work together correctly, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Best Quality Parts

We use only the best quality parts available in the market to complete any upgrades or repairs, ensuring that your machine won't experience any issues.

Trust our experts to upgrade or repair your gaming laptop with precision and care. Contact us today to schedule your service.

Whether you need a gaming laptop repair or just want to upgrade your current setup with the latest hardware, our store has the answer. Our certified technicians will make sure everything is compatible and fits together correctly so you can enjoy using your new computer as soon as possible.

Our team of experienced professionals has years of knowledge in the industry and knows exactly what they're doing. We'll make sure that all your components work together properly and that any upgrades or repairs are done properly without compromising on performance or quality. Plus, we use only the best parts available so you can be confident that your machine won't experience any issues.


Our Gaming Laptop Repair Diagnostic service includes:

Step #1: Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessments for Your Gaming Laptop

At Prime Tech Support, we provide diagnostic assessments to identify and diagnose any issues that may be preventing your gaming laptop from functioning correctly. Whether your laptop is experiencing slow boot times, double typing errors, slow performance, battery not charging, or not turning on at all, our experts will diagnose the issue and provide a detailed quote for the necessary repairs.

Accurate Problem Identification

Since every gaming laptop is unique, we emphasize the importance of diagnostic assessments to accurately identify the root cause of the issue. Our goal is to provide reliable pricing for all the services you need and ensure that your gaming laptop is restored to its optimal functionality as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Detailed Quote

We offer a detailed quote for the necessary repairs and parts needed to restore your gaming laptop's functionality. Our team will provide a comprehensive assessment to ensure that all issues are identified and addressed.

Transparent Pricing

We charge a diagnostic fee that applies to the final cost of the repair, but please note that this fee is non-refundable. Trust us to provide transparent and reliable pricing for all the services you need.

Contact us today to schedule a diagnostic assessment and get your gaming laptop running back to normal.

Step #2: Trust Prime Tech Support for Your Gaming Laptop Repairs

Comprehensive Repair Services for Your Gaming Laptop

At Prime Tech Support, we understand the importance of providing effective solutions to bring your gaming laptop back to its optimal performance. We focus on repairing only the services that were quoted and approved by you, ensuring complete transparency in our repair process.

Prioritized Repairs

Our expert technicians focus on identifying and prioritizing what needs to be done first to restore your laptop's functionality. We work efficiently to provide you with fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

Quality Assurance Testing

Once the repairs are complete, we send your gaming laptop to our quality assurance department for testing. Our team thoroughly tests the performance of your laptop to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality.

Trust us to repair your gaming laptop with our comprehensive repair services. Contact us today to schedule your repair service and experience hassle-free repairs.

 Step #3: Quality Assurance 

At Prime Tech Support, we prioritize the quality of our Gaming Laptop repair services to ensure that your device is functioning correctly. We understand the importance of having your Gaming Laptop working at its maximum level, and our dedicated team of experienced technicians are here to help.

We use only the highest quality parts for repairs to ensure the longevity and reliability of your device. Our technicians are experts in quickly and efficiently repairing Gaming Laptops, ensuring that you receive a fully functional device in no time. Trust us to provide reliable and efficient laptop repair services tailored to your needs.

Gaming Laptop Diagnostic FAQs

The diagnostic is so that when we look at your unit. We can provide you a comprehensive summary of the primary and secondary issues or suggestions that may pop up during the diagnosis.

We have an estimated time from 1 to 4 hours deppending on the issue. Once we receive the unit it will go into our Diagnostic Queue and it will be diagnose in the order it was received. If you would like a RUSH service so we can diagnose the unit while you wait do not forget to select the option when checking out.

You may need a Gaming Laptop Diagnostic Service if your computer is running slow, crashing frequently, or showing other signs of performance issues. It can also be useful if you are experiencing hardware problems or if you want to optimize your Gaming laptop's performance.

The Gaming Laptop Diagnostic Service typically covers hardware and software issues, including checking for viruses and malware, assessing system performance, identifying hardware issues, and making recommendations for improving performance.

Before getting a Gaming Laptop Diagnostic Service, you should back up your important data, and take note of any error messages or symptoms you are experiencing.

You can diagnose some issues on your own using built-in diagnostic tools or third-party software, but some issues may require specialized knowledge and equipment that only a professional technician has.

After a Gaming Laptop Diagnostic Service, you should receive a report detailing the issues identified and any recommended solutions or repairs. You may also receive a quote for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

Software warranty is 30 days and Hardware warranty is 90 days from pick up/delivery.

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