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Gaming PC Build

Gaming PC Build

This is the minimum cost for the labor of the Computer Build. Once we receive the parts we will adjust the price if neccesary.

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At our store, we have professional computer experts who can take your parts and build you a new PC, or upgrade your existing one. Bring in the parts and/or the unit, and we'll do it all for you in-store. We'll make sure everything is compatible and fits together correctly, so you can enjoy using your new computer as soon as possible. Plus, you can be confident that your computer is in good hands - our experts have years of experience and know exactly what they're doing. So leave the hard work to us and let us build you the perfect PC.

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Gaming PC Build


How much is going to be my Gaming PC Build?

The cost of the build is based on the parts that being used to do Gaming PC assembly. The minimum charge for a computer built is $400.00 and if nedeed we will adjust it.

The price is only for the labor.

How long will it take to build my Gaming PC?

The repair time will depend on the complexity of the build. Parts, case, configuratiion, cable management and the QA are part of the Gaming PC build and we estimate that it takes us at least 5 to 6 hours to have everything ready for you to pick up. So we assign a full day for a built.

Or commitment is to keep you informed in every step we do when repairing your unit.

What is my warranty?

Software warranties are 30 days from pick up/delivery.
Hardware warranties are 90 days from pick up/delivery.

If you provide the parts, the warranty is provided by the manufacturer or the store you bought it from.


  • Emily Bachez (Google Review)

    A pleasure meeting such an efficient and professional team. I had a terrible experience with geek squad about a year ago and they unfortunately ruined my laptop. I found these guys online and decided to try them out to fix a fan and replace my swollen battery,thankfully both parts were ordered and installed fast. Strongly recommend 😊 Thanks once again for fixing my MSI gaming laptop!

  • Jennifer G. (Yelp Review)

    I brought in my gaming PC for high CPU temperature issues. I was beyond pleased with the service I received. They kept me informed through out the diagnostic process and repair by sending pictures and also the diagnostic reports. The location is super clean and the staff and tech experts were super friendly, polite, and informative through out the process. I was informed they do gaming pc builds and offer a lot services and maintenance for gaming PCs, which is good to know and have in the miami area. Their services are reasonably priced. Highly recommend and will be coming back for any future needs.

  • Drone Permission (Google Review)

    This is my third time using prime tech. My computer was slow and dirty and these guys told me exactly what I needed. They gave my custom built a tune up And replaced my WATER COOLING.Part: Water Cooling NZXT Kraken X53 --> I was able to order the part on Amazon and when I got the computer back it looked great and ran way better. They gave amazing prices and explained everything well.



Woman playing video games in her gaming computer. She consults about the device issues with our Prime Tech Support Gaming experts


Our team has over 25 years of experience working with computer repairs.

- Booting Issues

- Power On / Not Turning ON Issues

- Software Configuration

- GPU Repairs

- BIOS Configuration

- Overclocking and more

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Boy playing video games on his gaming computer in Miami Dade County. Client consults with The Prime Tech Support Gaming Experts who will inspect the computer and fix it if necessary.


Are you trying to buy the parts to build your next Gaming PC or your Custom Built for your office application?

We are here to help. We have a consultation where ask for your budget, what you are going to use the computer for and then we recommend the best possible options of parts that will work together.

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