Video Door Bell system for a Pinecrest House

by Claudia Alvarez
Home User is looking at security sistem and he/she can see the Video Door Bell application to determine who knocking the door or close by the door

When it comes to enhancing the security of your home there are several solutions on the market that you can implement, especially if you are parenting or frequently away from your home.

That is the case of a customer who called us to do the installation of a Video Door Bell. This client used to have a traditional doorbell in Pinecrest Miami Dade County. The main issue he was having is that he barely heard the doorbell in some remote areas of his house.  After surfing on the web, he found the Ring Video Door Bell as an affordable solution that can be implemented on any house or apartment. Furthermore, he was surprised by all the advantages that come handy on a daily basis such as receiving notifications of who gets in and out of his property and having a record when a package is left by the Delivery staff at the door. For many of our customers, a Video Door Bell is the starting point for a home automation system.

The Ring Video Door Bell Kit comes with a Ring Video Door Bell and Ring Chime. Before starting the setup, we found out that the Wi-Fi signal on the front door was weak, so we installed a NETGEAR AC2200 Mesh Wi-Fi Extender to strength the internet signal. Also, two additional Ring Chimes were installed to hear the alarm on all the areas of the house plus a video doorbell was connected at the main door to see, hear and speak to the people getting at the door. This communication is established by phone, tablet or PC once you set up the Ring App to your device.

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