Most Common Tablet Problems

by Claudia Alvarez

Person frustrated using her tablet in Miami Dade County. Our professional technicians will repair the iPad in no time in our lab.

Tablet users have been growing rapidly in the US, or at least this is what a new forecast from eMarketer predicts, it says that “ the number of U.S. tablet users will be more than double this year from 33.7 million to nearly 70 million”

This data is quite representative and we cannot deny that the use of tablets has become more and more common in our lives. The reasons are variable but we can summarize naming a few: mobility, commodity, lightweight, longer battery life or in some cases they are simply preferred over laptops just as a matter of fashion.

However, some of the clear advantages that we recognized on a tablet turn in disadvantages at some point, for instance, lightweight makes it very convenient to take everywhere: to college, business meetings, travels but this lightweight turn tablets into fragile devices which have heavy damage with a simple fall.

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At this point, we want to nominate the most common tablet repair that we have to attend here a Prime Tech Support.

1- Cracked Glass/Broken Digitizer:

As we recently mentioned with an unintentional drop the glass/digitizer can end broken or cracked.

2- Data lost:

Tablets are delicate and in cases we face irreparable damages, money can gives us back a new device but information that we have develop during time is valuable and without a backup we are lost. At Prime Tech Support we have Specialists that can help you with your data lost. We offer Data Recovery services with the highest technology when it comes to software or hardware.

3- Rooting:

It comes that your tablet won’t Boot Up? Rooting facilitates the complete removal and replacement of the device’s operating system.

4- Firmware updates:

With the desire to find Rooting methods, fix bugs or add features to the tablet people get apps that in cases ruin their devices.

5- Hardware replacement:

The most common hardware conditions include Speaker damages, headphone jack repair.

Taking into account that fever for tablets, which started with iPads and today’s is being satisfied by multiple brands will continue, the market needs suitable tech services that fit the demands of consumers, that is what we do here at Tech Support.

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