Original iPhone Charger vs. Fake: Reveling the Truth

by Prime Tech Support

The world is highly dominated by technology today. The devices we use become our companions. They keep us connected and entertained. But do you suffer from charging problems? Do you want your iPhones to be charged at all times? If yes, then you need to understand the importance of having an original iPhone charger.

There is a huge difference between real and fake chargers. If you want to learn more about this topic, join us on the journey to explore the original iPhone charger vs Fake. We will unravel the truth for you so that you can enjoy using your always charged iPhones!

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Original iPhone Charger vs. Fake

The accessories of your devices are an important part of your device’s health. The right selection of accessories for your devices is important because the overall health of your device is dependent on these accessories.

The authentic purchase of chargers will allow you to improve the battery health of your device. The battery health is important because poor battery health of your device will make it to discharge in lesser time.

The right purchase of charger will also allow you to charge your phone in much lesser time. The efficient charging allows you to charge your devices hassle freely. In the tech market, counterfeits are easily available and are prevailing in high percentages.

This prevalence is taking place because of the cheap fake alternatives and consumer exploitation. The consumers are exploited because they are unable to spot the different

Genuine vs. Counterfeit Charging Cables

There are huge differences between counterfeit charging cables and original charging cables. These differences are mentioned below.

· Explore the reasons why counterfeit charging cables exist.

Fake iPhone chargers exist in several places and markets around the world. There are a number of reasons why counterfeit chargers exist. The first reason is the price difference in the fake and original chargers.

A fake charger will cost you anywhere between $3.00-$8.00. Whereas an original charger will cost you somewhere between $20.00-$25.00. These prices might vary with respect to your phone model and the length of the cable.

To find cheap alternatives, the consumer buys fake cables. The demand for these cables makes room for the suppliers to manufacture these counterfeits. In addition, there are certain countries which have very flexible rules and regulations with regards to counterfeits.

These countries have no regulations and punishments for the companies which make counterfeits. Thus, making fake cables becomes easy for them. Fake cables also exist because in many parts of the world the Apple official stores don’t exist. Thus, people are bound to buy counterfeit products.

· Explain the potential dangers of using fake cables for your devices.

The fake cables which exist in the market are very close to the real ones in appearance. But these fake cables might bring a high risk of potential dangers coming along with the cables. The fake cables can damage your battery health.

The fake cables don’t use high-quality materials; this might cause fluctuation in the voltages. These voltages inconsistency will make your battery swell or start getting drained more quickly.

The fake cables can also damage your motherboard in the longer run. The reason behind this is that the cables might not deliver the ideal power supply to the battery.

The fake cables can also damage your charging ports. The charger ports are sensitive, and they require the exact same connector quality which is recommended by Apple.

· Emphasize the value of investing in genuine accessories.

The genuine accessories are higher priced in comparison to the fake accessories. However, the genuine accessories are designed to last longer for you. The longer life allows you to fulfill your needs for a longer time.

Whereas the fake accessories might only last you a couple of months. The genuine accessories are made as per the exact requirements of your devices. These original accessories ensure that the life of your device components is also enhanced.

The genuine accessories such as charging cables, wall charging sockets and wireless chargers are designed to provide you with the best of efficiency in terms of time, consumption and lifespan.

How to Spot Fake iPhone Chargers

To spot a fake iPhone charger, you can use a number of strategies. These strategies will allow you to spot a fake charger instantly.

Following is the step-by-step guide for readers to identify Fake iPhone chargers.

· Compromised packaging

There are a total of two major aspects from which you can identify if your product is authentic or fake.

  1. The first aspect is to check the color of the packaging. The packaging needs to be in black and white and the cable connectors in the picture should be metallic color. If you see the connectors which are colored gold, know that it’s a fake.
  2. The second aspect is the barcode on the lower side of the packaging. The Apple authentic products only come with one single barcode at the bottom. In the fake products, there are two labelled barcodes.

· Observe the MFI badges

The MFI badges are authenticity badges which are referred to as made for iPhone. There are high chances of copying an MFI are high from counterfeits. But the quality and attention to detail will help you identify the authenticity of the badge.

· Manufacturers information

The manufacturer information allows you identify the actual manufacturer of your specific product. Apple puts a serial number on its charging cables which is a unique serial number. You will find this serial number near to the USB connector.

The authentic cable will also mention the details of the country in which the cable was manufactured and assembled. In most of the cases, the details will say that the cable in designed in California and assembled in China, Vietnam, Brasileira.

· Quality of the cable’s connectors

The quality of the connectors is one the most vital signs to spot a fake cable.

  1. The connectors are placed with high quality and represent smooth join and surfaces. The counterfeits are made with low quality material thus, the finishing is usually rough and not up to the mark.
  1. The gold or silver pin on real connectors is always in one piece, shiny, very smooth and rounded on ends. However, the counterfeits pin is in more than one piece, very rough, square corners and irregular finish
  1. The original connector’s boot width and length is always consistent, that is 7.7mm W x 12 mm L. however the counterfeits length, width and thickness vaies in every product.

· Consult the owner’s manual

The owner’s manual is not made as high quality as the product itself in the fakes. It is easy to find the loopholes in the booklets. You can look for spelling mistakes, printing quality and page quality. You can never expect Apple to make mistakes in these areas.

So, if you find any sort of unusual things in the booklets. You should be clear that the product is fake.

The Impact of Fake Chargers on Your Devices

Fake chargers highly impact your devices in many ways. All of these ways and the damages fake charges do are mentioned below.

Discuss the potential damage fake chargers can cause to smartphones and other devices.

The fake charger might cause a lot of damage to your smartphone. This damage is irreversible and might require you to change the damaged components or get them repaired by the manufacturer.

The fake charger can cause heating issues in your smartphone. The heating issue can cause lagging and getting stuck issues in your phone. The heating issue can also significantly drop the overall performance of your smartphone.

The fake cables can also significantly drop your phone's gaming performance when you are using your charger while playing the game.

Share real-life examples and cautionary tales.

The consumer who has used fake chargers have reported life threatening situations. The fake is manufactured by using low quality capacitors. These capacitors fail to manage the current flow and tend to stop working.

The users have shared the situations where their phones blasted in their hands while using it on charge. The real-life examples also include people experiencing shock waves from their phoneswhen they were charging their phones with fake chargers.

Another user experienced an explosion of two iPhones sitting on shelves. The user wasn't at home when it happened, and no one was using that old iPhone placed on the shelves. The iPhone 6s screen was cracked. The other iPhones charging port stopped working. But the user had insurance to exchange that.

Avoiding Counterfeit Chargers: Tips for Buyers

It is very important to avoid using counterfeit chargers due to many reasons. So, some tips for buyers are given in detail below.

Offer practical tips for consumers on how to avoid purchasing fake charging accessories.

Following are the tips for consumers to avoid purchasing fake iPhone charging accessories.

Price: It is recommended to never buy a charging accessory which is priced lower than the pricing of the original manufacturers. The Apple chargers are priced in the range of $20.00-$25.00 thus, if you find a product priced lower than this. You should always pass it!

Reviews: It is important to buy your accessories from the listings which have at least a 5-star rating. The users tend to drop the ratings according to their personal experiences. It is important for you to identify the people’s experience with the specific product.

Seller: The purchases should be only made from the suppliers which are verified from portals such as eBay and Amazon. It is recommended to always verify the email address and name of the seller, these two need to be aligning with each other.

Post quality: In our recommendation, always check the quality of the post itself before making a purchase decision. You should be looking for any spelling mistakes, contact information about the product and suppliers of the seller.

Mention trusted sources for purchasing authentic products.

Trusted Sources For Purchasing Authentic iPhone Chargers

Best Buy

Apple Inc


Best Charging Cables for Your Devices

The modern-day devices are mostly compatible with USB C to USB C charging cables and wall sockets. The USB C wires have a tendency to charge all your devices in a much faster time. The USB C cables are designed to charge every type of your gadget which supports USB C wires.

These devices might include your new iPhones, MacBooks, headphones and android phones. In our recommendation, there are a number of USB C cables which can provide with the best of the charging experiences.



Where to buy

Cable matters

  • USB-C to USB-C
  • 100W power
  • USB 3.1 2NDGeneration
  • USB-IF certified


Anker 643

  • USB-C to USB-C
  • 100W power
  • Tangle-free
  • 2.0 data transfer


Ugreen 100W

  • 100W power
  • 6.6 ft length
  • Efficient data transfer


Basues LED Display

  • LED display
  • 35,000 bends capacity life


USB-C Cables: Quality Matters

A crucial component of any cable is its quality, and USB-C cables are no exception. A cable's premium quality ensures that its ability to charge devices is not hampered by components of inferior quality.

Explain why the quality of USB-C cables is essential for fast and safe charging.

The data often transfers much more quickly when using USB-C. This transmission is made possible by the high-quality materials. if the cable's connectors are not constructed of materials of the highest quality.

The cable's overall performance will decline dramatically. The bigger wires in premium cables provide improved performance. These wires guarantee that the data transmission is occurring at the company's committed transfer pace.

The insulation in the wires is another important factor in quality cables. This ensures that the heat emission is managed perfectly and there are no shocks or current excess being produced on the outer surface of the wire. Thus, it is important that you always select quality wires.

Recommend reputable brands and products.

The following brands and products are reputable and recommended to you to buy.






Anker powerline

✅One plus


Protecting Your Devices with Genuine Charging Accessories

The genuine accessories enhance the lifespan of your devices significantly. The genuine accessories such as power bank allows you to charge your phone at optimal rates. The authentic power banks provide stable and accurate power to your device.

It ensures that there is no excess of power supply given to your device which might be harmful for your device.

Stress the importance of using genuine accessories to extend the lifespan of devices.

Genuine iPhone car chargers are just one example of an accessory that can extend the life of your electronics. The real iPhone car charger makes sure that the power supply is constant. Additionally, it guarantees that the charger has a high-quality capacitor so that if something goes wrong, it will still function.

The capacitor automatically trips to safeguard the component from a shortage. Also, a genuine iPhone car charger makes sure that your gadget receives the right amount of power without endangering the life of your battery.

Share success stories of users who switched to authentic charging cables.

The individuals who have shifted towards using genuine iPhone charging cables have experienced increased life span of their phone batteries. The switching towards the genuine cables has also improved the battery timings of the iPhones.

It is reported by many users that authentic cables have allowed them to charge their phones in a much quicker time in comparison to the fake cables.

Top Picks for Reliable Charging Accessories




Where to buy

Anker power port 3

USB-C phone charger

Manufactured by Anker

Fast charging supported

Single USB port

20 Watts supply

Compatible with all phones using USB-C




Manufactured by RAVPower





Spigen Power ARC


Manufactured by Spigen


Two USB-C ports

30Watts supply



The selection of authentic accessories for your phones and devices plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your phone. The genuine charging accessories ensures that your battery health does not get worse with time.

The genuine products also ensure that your phone doesn’t experience any short circuits or damage to the motherboard. It is important for you to always make a well thought out decision when buying a charging accessory. To purchase authentic products, always refer to authentic sources and cross check the details to ensure authenticity.


How can I tell if my iPhone charger is fake?

There are a number of ways to spot a fake iPhone charger. The first way is to look for the packaging of your charger. Your charger packaging should be in black and white color.

The second way is to identify the MFI badges. These badges allow you to identify if your product is made by Apple for iPhones. The third way to spot your fake charger is to read the owner manual and look for unusual typos.

What are the dangers of using counterfeit USB-C cables?

The counterfeit cables are hazardous for the life and health of your device. The counterfeit cables might damage your battery permanently by damaging the battery cells.

The cables might also create over-heating issues with your phone. The reason behind this is that these cables don’t provide recommended power supplies. The unstable power supply might also damage your motherboard permanently.

Where can I buy authentic iPhone chargers online?

The best place to buy an authentic iPhone charger is the online Apple store. Apple Inc. operates in a number of countries and has flagship stores. These stores offer you all types of phone accessories which you might need.

The second-best place to buy your authentic apple chargers online is Amazon. But always buy your charger from the supplier which has high reviews. These reviews will allow you to determine if the seller has authentic products or not.

Are there any affordable alternatives to Apple chargers?

There are certain options which might be worth it. These options include well-known brands that have a long history of making premium quality accessories. These brands include Anker, Basues and Spigen Power. You can get an affordable option from these brands. You can expect the same quality that Apple is offering.

Do third-party USB-C cables work as well as original ones?

The third-party USB-C cables are also very efficient. There are a number of brands in the technology sector which offer premium quality accessories. You can make a purchase from these brands, and it will provide you with the same quality as original ones.






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