How repairing your electronics can save you money and help the environment

by Claudia Alvarez

Laptop Cleaning and Maintenance performed in Prime Tech Support lab in Miami

As anyone who has ever stepped on a LEGO can attest, repairing something is often cheaper and easier than buying a new replacement. This is especially true when it comes to electronic devices. Not only do repairs save you money, but they also help to reduce waste and protect the environment.

When you repair an electronic device, you are prolonging its life and keeping it out of landfill. In fact, the United Nations estimates that e-waste makes up for 2% of global waste, and this is expected to rise to 8% by 2030. By repairing your phone, tablet or laptop, you are doing your bit to reduce this growing problem.

As well as helping to reduce landfill, repairing electronic devices also reduces the need for new resources. Every time you repair an existing device, you are saving the energy and materials that would be required to produce a new one. In a world where we are already facing resource shortages, this is more important than ever.

So next time your phone screen cracks or your laptop starts acting up, think twice before buying a replacement. A repair might just be the best option for you – and for the planet.

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