Desktop Computer Repair in Miami and Ft Lauderdale

by Claudia Alvarez

Prime Technician repairing a desktop computer in our lab located in Miami Dade County.The desktop computer, the one that supports hard operations. The computer that stays at home or in your office. No matter how powerful is your Desktop or PC, It needs maintenance, support and why not upgrading devices.

Just imagine you bought a car and you passed your 3000 miles required for service, what would happen to your car engine? Well, the same is here if you don’t maintain your computer it will end up in the computer clinic, in this case, our office at  Prime Tech Support.

Our Computer Repair Technicians can assist you with common problems like virus and spam removal, move or back up data, hardware replacements, startup or booting support, motherboard repair, overheating computer or anything you need to upgrade (memory, Hard Drive, Blue Ray DVD, Bluetooth, Wireless Cards, TV Cards, Video Cards, Sound Cards, Modems, Ethernet or Network cards, USB Ports, and more).

Any problem that you have with your HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, IBM, ASUS, MSI, or the one that you built or somebody built for you, we at  Prime Tech Support are always ready to assist you.

We have Computer Repair technicians available in Miami that can go to your home office or house or you can bring your PC to our office. If we are able to access remotely to your computer we can give you support from our Miami Location.

Check our Services for future reference, our team will be more than happy to help you out with all your computer related issues.


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