What do I need to know before sending my computer to repair?

by Prime Tech Support

Person trying to repair his laptop computer in his house in Miami Dade County and wondering if he should have it repaired by a professional from Prime Tech Support.

Having computer problems? 

Don’t worry this short article would give you some online help before deciding to take your PC for some additional IT Service or tech support.

Living the life of today without a computer is almost impossible. From School to college, from businesses to your leisure time, the computer is your best partner.
Once you buy a computer, you need to be prepared to identify the principal PC problems. Like a doctor to a patient, Prime Tech support will recommend you basic tips to understand what is going on with your technological pal.

Like an interview between a sick patient and its trusted doctor, this article is introducing some tips through basic queries, helping you as a PC doctor with some of the typical computer “Conditions”

I didn’t do any change and casually my computer went slow. What is it happening?

Well this is like when you are riding your car, you need to do a tune up every 30K miles, the same with your computer you need to make sure you do not have applications you do not use, also make sure you do not install applications on the start-up so it eats up the memory and some other details that we at Tech Support takes care of.

I turned off my computer normally and it doesn’t start? What is going on?

It could be that before you close it an application was installed and it damages the start-up of your computer. You could restore your machine using a system restore or by going to safe mode. If you do not feel comfortable doing this by yourself we can help you.

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Surfing on the Internet I have emerging windows all the time, making the experience annoying. Any way to turn back any change. How can I stop it?

This is not what you did, it has to do with where you were surfing, we make sure you are protected at all times, using anti-spam and antivirus. We are experts at getting your data safe and clean up all the unwanted risk.

My computer constantly restarts, It’s going crazy!

Most likely your operating system or OS is damaged, and in this case, you need help from a computer expert. The more it restarts the worse it gets, our recommendation is to turn the unit off and take it to the store, we have tools to fix these issues. We are here to help you.

I want to listen to music or have and Skype conversation and the audio system doesn’t work?

Sometimes it is because of a software issue with the applications or it could be hardware that has dust and needs some cleanup or replacement. In this case, we recommend to take it to computer support specialist, and we are here to help you

Hope these basic tips would help you identify that some of the problems that you experience, aren’t a thing from another world and they are more common than you ever imagine!

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