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MacBook Pro Data Transfer

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Regular price $80.00
This price is for the diagnostic only (non-refundable), and It will be applied to the final cost of the service.

The MacBook Pro data transfer service is a process of transferring data from one laptop to another device.It is commonly used when purchasing a new MacBook Pro or upgrading to a new one.

What is included in the MacBook Pro Data Transfer Service?

1. Diagnostic and Consultation

The service begins with a consultation with a technician to determine the type and amount of data that needs to be transferred. This may include files, documents, photos, videos, and other important data. Note that to transfer programs, the customer needs to have the original license of the programs. This is why diagnostics and consultations are very important and we only charge for diagnostics which applies to the final cost of the Data Transfer. The diagnostic fee is not refundable.

2. Transfer Data

The technician will then transfer the data from the old MacBook Pro to the new one using a variety of methods such as direct transfer, external hard drive transfer, cloud-based transfer, or other transfer methods depending on the specific needs of the customer.

3. Check the integrity of the data transfer

Once the transfer is complete, the technician will ensure that all data has been successfully transferred and provide the customer with instructions on how to access the data on the new MacBook Pro.

It's important to note that the MacBook Pro data transfer service does not include data recovery. If there are any issues with the data on the old MacBook Pro, it is recommended to have the data recovered prior to the transfer process. Additionally, the cost of the MacBook Pro data transfer service can vary depending on the amount of data to be transferred.

When do I need to do a MacBook Pro Data Transfer?

Well, you may need a MacBook Pro Data Transfer service for many different reasons:

  • Giving your existing MacBook Pro to a family member or a friend

  • Recycling your old MacBook Pro and you need the data stored there

  • Buying a new MacBook Pro and you need to transfer all your work files and personal files.

  • Transfering Files to the cloud or external hard drive for later use

Our MacBook Pro Data Transfer specialists will help you to move or transfer the data to the device you want. Ask our representatives for all the options and I can assure you you will get the best service in Miami, 

MacBook Pro Data Transfer FAQs

The diagnostic is so that when we look at your unit. We can provide you a comprehensive summary of the primary and secondary issues or suggestions that may pop up during the diagnosis.

We have an estimated time from 1 to 4 hours deppending on the issue. Once we receive the unit it will go into our Diagnostic Queue and it will be diagnose in the order it was received. If you would like a RUSH service so we can diagnose the unit while you wait do not forget to select the option when checking out.

MacBook Pro data transfer refers to the process of moving data from one computer to another. This can include transferring files, folders, applications, settings, and other data. This is done using specialized software by our data recovery specialist.

In most cases, yes. You can transfer all your data from one MacBook Pro to another, including files, folders, applications, settings, and other data. However, some applications and settings may not transfer easily or may require additional setup.

The time it takes to transfer data from one MacBook Pro to another will depend on the amount of data to be transferred, the transfer method used, and the speed of your computer's hardware and network connection. In most cases, MacBook Pro data transfer can be completed within a few hours.

Yes, you can transfer data from a Mac to a PC or vice versa. However, some files and applications may not be compatible with different operating systems, and we may need to use specialized software or conversion tools to ensure compatibility.

To prepare your MacBook Pro for data transfer service, you should make sure that your computer is backed up, your antivirus and security software is up to date, and that you have all the necessary login credentials for your accounts.

Software warranty is 30 days and Hardware warranty is 90 days from pick up/delivery.

Our MacBook Pro Data Transfer Process

Number one of prime tech support repair process where the customer book the desired repair service from our website, the prime team generates them a ticket to process their request, and subsequently diagnose and gives a quote to the customer.

Diagnostic & Quote

The first step of the process is crucial. We accurately diagnose the issue in your device and provide a quote.

Number two of the prime tech support repair process the prime team proceeds to fix and repair every single issue found on the diagnosis so the customer can get back to using his device in no time.


We fix and repair every single issue found in the diagnosis to get your device back in working order.

Number three of the prime tech support repair process, the prime team runs a quality assurance to make sure your computer is in prime working condition after the repair process. Once this has been done, the computer device is ready to be picked up.

QA & Pick up

With our Quality Assurance, we make sure your service is done right the first time.

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