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by Claudia Alvarez

A laptop is your best friend, it goes with you everywhere, from your house to your work, from your work to a coffee shop, from a coffee shop to the beach and so on. Not taking it with you, it’s almost like leaving your head, “literally”.

Through this diary rush with your laptop anything can happen But don't worry, Tech Support is here to help you!. Here are the most common scenarios from our clients:

1. Screen Repairs / Replacements

Taking out the shopping bags from your car, and “accidentally” your child drop your computer and your screen got broken…  Don’t Worry Tech support through the service of  LCD screen replacement would leave your laptop like new, as if you bought it today.

2. Data Recovery

The stress and the lots occupations that you have through diary life, make that you forget about that security copies that you must do continuously of vital information. Accidentally, that monthly financial report or in the worst case scenario, the annual report went straight to the black hole or The Bermuda Triangle of  the documents and folders. Prime Tech Support has an office in Midtown Miami and you can bring your computer so one of our Tech Support Specialist can help you with your data lost. We offer Data Recovery services with the highest technology when it comes to software or hardware. Remember you can lose your data either because a software issue or because your Hard Drive is damage. Prime Tech Support technicians have enough experience to save your life in that critical moment.

3. Virus Removal / Software Configuration

Surfing through a social network, and you CLICK that link with thousands views thinking that you are going to get the news of the day!… and guess what ? you got a new virus or spam for yourself , and the worst is that you do not realize that you are infected until your computer is slow or you have emerging windows everywhere.  Anyone have past for this annoying experience, the good news is that virus and spyware  for  more strong that they seem, they could be remove by our Laptop Repair Specialists.

Our IT Support & Computer Repair Services

Any Computer issues that you may have with your Laptop from companies such as HP, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, IBM, ASUS, MSI, or any brand you have, we count with great Laptop Repair technicians available in Miami that can:

  • Go to your office or house
  • Remote In if you unit has internet access
  • Our you can bring your laptop to our office. 

Our office in located in Wynwood / Midtown Miami.

Check out  our services for future references, our team will be happy to assist you:

If you need help we can help you anywhere anytime! and if you would to send your computer to us we also have a Computer MAIL IN Service for your convenience.


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