Optimal RAM for Gaming: How Much Do You Really Need?

by Prime Tech Support

In the dynamic realm of Gaming, understanding RAM's (Random Access Memory) role is crucial. RAM, a high-speed bridge between your Gaming PC's CPU and GPU, ensures smooth gameplay by quickly accessing data.

Unlike long-term storage HDDs or SSDs, RAM is volatile and only holds data when powered. Crucial for Gaming, RAM affects load times, responsiveness, and FPS (Frames Per Second). However, there's a limit to RAM benefits, and this article explores the optimal amount needed for Gaming.

What is RAM and its purpose? 

"Random Access Memory" (RAM) is crucial for your Gaming PC's performance. RAM quickly provides data to your CPU and GPU. This is key for a smooth Gaming experience. Unlike HDDs (Hard Disks) or SSDs (Solid State Drives), RAM is used for immediate data access, not long-term storage.

RAM's main advantage is speed. It outperforms SSDs and is much quicker than HDDs. However, RAM is volatile. It loses its data when the power is off. So, it's not suited for storing data long-term like HDDs or SSDs.

For gamers, RAM ensures fast data access, crucial for Gaming smoothness. Using SSDs or HDDs for data swapping leads to slower loading, stuttering, and FPS (Frames Per Second) drops. FPS, the rate at which images are displayed, affects game fluidity. The human eye typically sees between 60 and 120 FPS. A higher FPS means a smoother Gaming experience.

However, the benefits of RAM have a limit. Adding more RAM than needed doesn't improve performance. Not enough RAM causes game slowdowns, lag, and crashes as the CPU struggles for data.

We often see problems caused by incorrect RAM setup or incompatible RAM and motherboards. These issues might not appear immediately, but they can cause system failures later. To avoid this, it's best to get professional help for RAM installation and configuration. Proper setup ensures optimal Gaming performance.

We'll guide you through various RAM types, their specifications, and uses.

How Much RAM Do I need for Gaming?

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When determining how much RAM speed you need for Gaming, several factors must be considered, especially with the evolving demands of modern Games. Given that current top Games use about 22GB of RAM at 1440p, and 4K Gaming requires even more RAM capacity, it's clear that having sufficient RAM is crucial for a smooth Gaming experience.

For a new Gaming rig, at Prime Tech, we recommend a minimum of 32GB of RAM. This recommendation is based on current Gaming trends and the increasing RAM usage of modern Games. 32GB ensures that your system can comfortably handle current Games at high resolutions like 1440p and 4K, as well as multitasking and other demanding applications.

Looking towards the future, considering 64GB of RAM is a wise decision if you want to future-proof your Gaming rig. As Games continue to evolve and become more demanding, having 64GB will provide a significant buffer to accommodate these advancements. This is particularly relevant if you plan on using your rig for several years and wish to avoid the need for near-term upgrades.

As for RAM speed, while having more capacity is crucial, the speed of the RAM also plays a significant role in overall system performance, especially in CPU-intensive tasks and scenarios where quick data processing is essential. For DDR4, speeds of 3200MHz to 3600MHz are often seen as a sweet spot for Gaming, providing a balance of performance and cost. With DDR5, speeds start higher, and opting for 5200MHz or above can offer improved performance, particularly in systems with the latest CPUs and GPUs.

For a robust Gaming experience, especially for 1440p and 4K Gaming, we recommend 32GB of RAM as a baseline, with serious consideration for 64GB for futureproofing. Pair this with a decent RAM speed, and you'll have a setup that not only handles current Gaming demands but is also prepared for future Gaming trends.

When considering different RAM capacities for Gaming and general Gaming PC use, it's essential to weigh their pros and cons to make an informed decision. Here's a breakdown for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB RAM options:



  • Sufficient for Most Games: For many current Games, especially those that aren't extremely demanding, 16GB of RAM is usually enough.
  • Cost-Effective: It's more affordable, making it a great choice for budget builds or beginner Gaming setups.
  • Good for General Use: For everyday tasks like browsing, office applications, and light multitasking, 16GB is ample.


  • Limitations in Multitasking: If you're running multiple applications simultaneously, especially while Gaming, you might experience slowdowns.
  • Potential FPS Impact: In very demanding Games or at higher resolutions, 16GB might not be sufficient, possibly affecting FPS and overall smoothness.



  • Balance Between Price and Performance: Offers a good middle ground, providing enough headroom for almost all Gaming and multitasking needs without being overly expensive.
  • Futureproofing: More likely to handle future Games that may demand more RAM.
  • Enhanced Multitasking: Ideal for running multiple applications, streaming, and Gaming simultaneously without performance issues.


  • Slightly Higher Price: More expensive than 16GB, though the price difference has been narrowing.
  • Overkill for Some Users: If you don’t engage in heavy multitasking or content creation, 32GB might be more than you need.



  • Top-Tier Performance: Offers the best performance for high-end Gaming, professional content creation, extensive multitasking, and simulation-heavy tasks.
  • Maximizes High-End CPUs and GPUs: Ensures that your high-performance CPU and GPU are not bottlenecked by a lack of RAM.


  • Higher Cost: Significantly more expensive, and the cost may not translate into noticeable performance gains for average users.
  • Overkill for Purely Gaming: For most Gaming scenarios, 64GB can be overkill, as few Games currently take advantage of such high RAM capacity.

128 GB RAM

Using 128GB of RAM in a workstation can significantly increase performance and capabilities, especially in productivity and design applications. Below are some of the pros and cons of such a setup:


  • Enhanced Performance: 128GB of RAM can greatly improve the performance of memory-intensive applications like video editing, 3D rendering, and large-scale data processing.
  • Multitasking: With this much RAM, a system can handle multiple demanding applications at once without slowdown, facilitating a smoother workflow.
  • Futureproofing: Having 128GB ensures that the system can cope with increasing RAM demands of future applications and operating system updates.


  • Cost: 128GB of DDR5 RAM is expensive, and the need to buy it as a single 4-stick kit further increases the upfront cost.
  • Compatibility: AM5 architecture doesn't officially support the EXPO profile with 4 DDR5 lanes, limiting the choice to Intel CPUs if one wishes to utilize the full performance potential of DDR5.
  • Limited Benefit for Average Users: The average user or even many power users will rarely utilize the full 128GB, making it an overinvestment for typical use cases.
  • Diminishing Returns: Beyond a certain point, adding more RAM does not equate to a linear performance increase, especially if the software doesn't require that much memory.

How Much RAM Speed Do I Need For Gaming?


Understanding the difference between DDR4 and DDR5 RAM, particularly in terms of latency and speed, is crucial for optimizing Gaming performance. Here's a breakdown considering these factors: 

DDR4 RAM for Gaming

Ideal Speed: For DDR4, 3600MHz is often recommended as an optimal speed for Gaming. It provides a good balance between performance and cost.

Latency Considerations: Lower latency (or CAS latency) is beneficial. When choosing DDR4 RAM, look for kits with lower latency, as this helps in quicker data processing, which can be particularly beneficial in Gaming scenarios.

Performance: At 3600MHz with low latency, DDR4 RAM generally offers excellent performance for most Gaming needs, especially at resolutions up to 1440p.

DDR5 RAM for Gaming

Minimum Recommended Speed: Due to DDR5’s higher latency, it's recommended to opt for speeds above 4800MHz. This higher speed helps to counterbalance the increased latency, ensuring efficient data processing.

Diminishing Returns Above 5200MHz: While DDR5 can operate at significantly higher speeds, the performance gains in terms of FPS start to narrow beyond 5200MHz. Therefore, while faster DDR5 RAM can offer some benefits, the cost-to-performance ratio becomes less favorable as the speed increases beyond this point.

Futureproofing: DDR5 is newer and offers potential for future-proofing your system, especially as more CPUs and motherboards are designed to take advantage of its higher speeds and capabilities.

Types of RAM: DDR4 vs DDR5


Exploring the impact of DDR4 and DDR5 memory on Gaming performance is crucial for anyone planning to buy or upgrade a Gaming PC. The question at hand is whether the choice between DDR4 and DDR5 makes any significant difference in performance.
Deciding between DDR5 and DDR4 for Gaming depends on your needs and budget. DDR5 offers faster speeds and futureproofing. But its real-world Gaming performance gains over DDR4 are often minimal.

DDR5 RAM, especially at speeds above 5400 MHz, can improve high-end Gaming. This applies to systems with powerful CPUs and GPUs, like the RTX 4090. But these gains are usually small. At 3600 MHz, common for DDR4, DDR5 may even decrease performance. This suggests DDR5 doesn't work well at lower speeds.

With DDR5 32GB at 5200 MHz priced like DDR4 32GB at 3600 MHz, the choice gets trickier. DDR5 is slightly favored for its futureproofing. DDR5 offers higher bandwidth and better compatibility with upcoming tech. As Games and software evolve, DDR5 could handle future demands better, especially with optimized memory speeds.

In current Gaming, DDR5 at 5200 MHz and DDR4 at 3600 MHz don't differ much. But DDR5 could perform slightly better in some cases, especially CPU-heavy tasks or Games needing more bandwidth. This is more noticeable in advanced Gaming setups.

DDR4 at 3600 MHz is still a great choice for Gaming. It works well with many motherboards and CPUs and offers good performance. It's ideal for gamers who don't upgrade often or those who value short-term savings.

If you're building or upgrading a system, DDR5 is worth considering. It has a performance edge and future-proofing advantages. But if you have a DDR4 system, switching to DDR5 might not be worth the cost. For most Gaming needs, DDR4 remains effective and budget friendly.

Are you pondering over DDR4 vs. DDR5 for your Gaming rig? Dive into our comprehensive article, "Why RAM Matters: Gamers Exploring Impact on Performance"  at Prime Tech Support.

Upgrading RAM: Things to Consider

Upgrading RAM requires careful consideration of two factors:

Compatibility: Ensure the RAM is compatible with your motherboard and CPU. Refer to the motherboard's Qualified Vendor List (QVL) for tested and verified memory modules.

Performance Gains: Research potential performance improvements. Benchmark tests can indicate the expected speed and performance.

Final Verdict

In summary, choosing the right RAM for your Gaming PC is crucial. For most gamers, 32GB strikes the ideal balance between performance and cost, while 64GB offers futureproofing for advanced Gaming and multitasking.

Remember, DDR4 at 3600MHz is generally sufficient, but DDR5's higher speeds provide long-term advantages. Crucially, ensure compatibility with your motherboard and CPU.

Considering an upgrade or need guidance on optimal RAM selection? Prime Tech Support's Gaming PC Upgrading Service  is here to help. We offer expert advice and solutions tailored to your Gaming needs, ensuring your setup is equipped for today's demands and ready for tomorrow's challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Too Much RAM Negatively Impact Gaming?

Having too much RAM does not negatively impact gaming performance. However, it's an unnecessary expense as excess RAM sits unused.

How Can I Check My Current RAM Usage During Games?

You can check RAM usage during games using Task Manager in Windows or Activity Monitor on Mac.

Is Faster RAM (Higher Mhz) Always Better For Gaming?

Faster RAM can benefit gaming, but beyond a point, the performance gains diminish, making higher MHz less cost-effective.

Does Faster Ram Increase FPS?

Faster RAM can increase FPS, especially in CPU-intensive games, but the impact varies and is often minor.




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